Using saved sections/drawings in sketcher

Instead of making sketches every time in the sketcher mode, we can save and retrieve the sketches that is often used. We have options to reuse an already saved sketch (.sec) or a drawing (.drw). Lets see one by one.

Saving sketches:


Create a new file as you would do for a normal part, in the “new file” window select sketch and input a name for the section and press ok.

Make your section as usual and save the file. This saves in .sec format.


You can save the sections from inside the sketcher mode of any operation like extrude, revolve, cosmetic, sweep etc. So when you are in sketcher mode after completing your section just press ctrl+s or go to File → Save from the main menu to save the section. The name of the section is normally automatic and is in the form of S2D0001.SEC. If you want to save the section in a different name then use File → Save as instead of File → save. Now you have the option to give a custom name. Enter a name and save it.

Retrieving saved sketches:

ProE wildfire versions: From inside sketcher mode, go to Sketch → Data from file → File system and then select the sketch you want. Make sure that the Type is set to Sketch or All files at the right bottom corner of the open window.

In Creo: The File system button is located under Sketch tab in the ribbon menu. You can also select this by typing “File system” in the command search box at the top right corner.

Creo versions – File system icon
Wildfire versions

You can now scale and rotate the section to locate it. Help topic on placing the sections is here.

Retrieving drawings in sketcher:

Like using saved sections, we can also retrieve drawings. But only the draft entities in the drawings can be retrieved. To do this, go to file system and then select the drawing (.drw). A window will open now. You have to select the draft entities which will be imported into the sketcher. Select the draft entities using box selection or one by one then click ok. That’s it.

If you want to bring a complete view from a drawing to sketcher, you need to convert that view to draft entities first. If you want to do so, save a copy of the drawing then convert the view to draft entities and use this drawing to bring the entities into sketcher. Help topic on how to convert a view to draft entities is here.

Note: Do not convert too much complicated views to draft entities. It will take more memory and CPU power also dimensioning and constraining the entities will be difficult.

That’s all for this topic. I hope this helped you.