Superscript and Subscript in notes in Creo

Following is the method to add superscript and subscript texts in a drawing note. The method is same for all ProE versions as well as Creo versions.

The syntax is,
For superscript: @+Your Text@#
For subscript: @-Your Text@#

Input text
Output note

To get a drawing note like the one shown in the picture above, type the following text.

Hole diameter is 25.4@++0.5@#@–0.25@#
Maximum stress = 175N/mm@+2@#
log@-2@# 8 = 3

You can use these syntaxes to insert superscript and subscript texts anywhere in a drawing note. If you go to the properties by double clicking the note we just created, you will some additional texts in the window such as {1:—–––}{2:—–––}, Etc.. (See picture below)

Don’t be confused. It’s just ProE’s way of separating texts in a note. This numbering is automatic and it depends on lines and texts variables.

The use of this automatic separation is very useful in many areas. Please see related topics to learn more about this.

Below, I’ve shown some examples of its use.

You can see that the texts are individually selectable now. So you can pick the texts you want and then change its font, size, color etc.

That’s all for this topic. I hope this helped you.