ProE/ Creo Drawing options (.DTL file/ command explanations)

Below are the commands/ syntaxes that control the behavior of the ProE/ Creo drawing. It has a .dtl extension and can be opened and edited using any standard text editor like notepad. The explanations of these commands can be found on the other pages of this website. You can also use the Google search box to find the help topic.

To know how to change the value of these commands see Modifying drawing options.

Text_Height (or) Drawing_Text_Height

Controls the height of all texts in the drawing. This includes texts in dimensions, manually typed notes, automated notes like view name, details scale, section name etc.


Controls the thickness of texts in the drawing. It is similar to the line weight option in AutoCAD but here for texts.


Controls the width of all texts/ letters in the drawing including dimensions, notes and empty spaces. Text symbols are not controlled here.

Make_Aux_View_Notes ( option)

View names are automatically added to the newly created auxiliary views similar to the section names and detail view notes.


Controls the format in which the view note of a newly created auxiliary view appears in the drawing. “Make_Aux_View_Notes” must be on for this option to work.


Sets the distance between the two halves of a broken view.


Controls only the the text height of view names in projection views, section views and detailed views etc. If set to 0, then “Drawing_Text_Height” takes control over this.


Controls only the the text thickness of view names in projection views, section views and detailed views etc. If set to 0, then “Text_Thickness” takes control over this.


Sets the location and text alignment of a newly created view note/ label. This option works only with certain view types.


Controls the line style of the circle that indicates the detailed view.


Sets the format in which the detail circle note is displayed. The default is “SEE DETAIL”.


Controls the boundary type of a detail in the parent view.


Controls the the display of the detail boundary in the parent view. The options are ON and OFF.


Sets the default scale factor for the detailed views. The system default is 2:1.


Sets the style of line that separates the view while using half view visibility.


Sets the default view display type (Wire frame, hidden etc.) for newly created views.


Sets the projection type of drawings. i.e. First angle and Third angle.


Sets the default view style for the tangent edges of the model in newly created views.


Controls the standard text requirements for view-related notes. i.e. SECTION, DETAIL etc.


Controls the format of view scale display. Eg: 1/10, 1:10, 0.500 etc.


Determines the denominator for fractional scale values in views.


Sets the length of the arrow that marks the cross section area in the parent view.


Sets the arrow style of the cross section line in the parent view. Two options are available.


Sets the width of the arrow that marks the cross section area in the parent view.


Determines the location of the cross section note near the cross section arrow.


Sets the style of the line that shows the cross section area in the parent view.