Overwriting drawing dimensions

Overwriting dimensions is a very useful and handy option. We can replace the default dimension with any other number or text. Here we will see how to overwrite an dimension and some of the usage. Overwriting a dimension with any other number is not preferable but it is very useful to make notes like the ones shown in the below pictures.

The option works only with created dimensions (locally created in drawing). To override the dimension, open the properties of a created dimension. You can see @D in the display tab. Just replace the letter D with O and then start typing the text or number you want and click ok.

In wildfire 4.0 and previous versions
In wildfire 5.0 and Creo versions
Dimension text: @D
Dimension text: @O MAX. HEIGHT
Dimension text: @D (MAX. HEIGHT)

The other method in Wildfire 5.0 and creo versions is you can use the option marked on the above image. The drawback here is only number is allowed in the input box. So if you want to overwrite dimension with text, then use @O method.

That’s all for this topic. I hope this helped you.