Mechanical 3D CAD drawings and blueprints for practice

We have added hundreds of free drawings to in addition to what you are seeing below

Here is the link to the download page

You can download industry standard CAD drawings here and practice those drawings in any CAD softwares like Pro E, Catia, Creo etc. to build your skill. All necessary tutorials are available here for Pro E and Creo users.

General instructions for modeling, Assembly & Drawing (For practice):

  1. Try to use variety of features instead of using only base features like extrudes etc. Eg.: Use hole feature instead of using extrude cut.
  2. Where possible, Make rounds and chamfers after completing all other features. Avoid referencing rounds and chamfers for other features.
  3. When sketching, align dimensions in a neat order so that they can be shown directly in the drawing. This reduces alignment work in the drawing.

The drawings uploaded here are for reference only. The intention is to provide drawings which will be useful to improve drafting skills in any 3D modeling softwares.

Solid parts, Sheet metal parts and Assemblies and their drawings are available here.