Making 2D orientation default for sketching in Creo

In ProE versions when you go inside sketcher directly or through any other feature, it first opens the sketch setup window and asks you to select the sketching plane and its orientation. When you are done with the selection it takes you inside sketcher with the specified 2D orientation.

But in Creo versions, if you want to go inside sketcher using any other feature like extrude, revolve etc. you just need to select the sketching plane. There is no sketch setup by default. And the orientation stays as it is when you selected the sketching plane. Most of us select the sketching plane when the model is in isometric view or in any other 3D orientation. This 3D orientation is not always good for sketching. Sketching in 2D orientation is easy when compared to 3D. There is an option to change this setting. We will see that now.

Go to FILE → OPTIONS from the main menu and in the options window select the SKETCHER which is located on the left side. Once you select this you will the sketcher options in the right side of the window. Just scroll down and check “Make the sketching plane parallel to the screen” box. Ok /Apply the settings. That’s it. When you go inside sketcher after this setting, the default orientation changes to 2D by default.

By doing this you change the setting “sketcher_starts_in_2d” to YES. You can also change this setting directly in file or from configuration editor.

Creo takes orientation references automatically. In most cases this would be ok. But if you want to change this just right click on the sketching area and select section orientation you want or click on the sketch setup icon. This will open up the sketch setup window. You can now select all the references you want.