Lenticular Freeware and List of Lenticular Softwares

Lenticular printing is a method of printing interlaced images either directly on lenticular lenses or printing it on a medium and placing the lenticular lenses on top of it and fixing it firmly with highest precision. This will produce the 3D, morph, Flip and animation / motion effects when viewing from proper distance based on your design.

There are very few 3D lenticular and interlacing softwares available for free and most of them are either outdated or not available directly from its developer anymore. When you search online for lenticular softwares, you may find that the last stable version was released in 2003, 2005 etc mostly from individual or small developers.

I have listed some of the FREE and opensource softwares and some of the paid softwares as well in this article. I am sure you will find it useful.


The first one is GRAPE software by POP3DART developed based on the book Lenticular Imaging written by Yitzhak Weissman. GRAPE is a free interlacer application / software for producing interlaced images for printing lenticular images.

The latest version is completely free without any limitations and was released on January 2021 under GNU general public license ver. 3 (GPL 3). As far as I have researched, this is the latest and best freeware lenticular software available under GPL license.

This is a very basic application and does not have a great GUI and other photo editing options but when it comes to creating lenticular images for FREE, it gets the job done.

You can download the software from Grape interlacing software | pop3dart

Apart from interlacing software, there are other softwares available from the same developer of which Fcarta and Fpitch are free softwares fSeq and Uncurve are paid softwares.

Super Flip

One more free lenticular software is superflip. This program has a better UI than GRAPE but has limitations on the LPI you can set to produce your lenticular images. Based on what is mentioned in its developer’s website, it can do the following.

  1. Handle up to 300 images and can support various popular image formats.
  2. It can resize or stretch images to fit a desired output size
  3. It can do resolution enhancement.
  4. Can print alignment lines and location marks
  5. It can print pitch tests.


Lentikit is a old software available in sourceforge site but it is outdated.

Lenticular Image Creator

Lenticular Image Creator Software, created by Jameson Bennet. This is one more free software but the download link from their website is not working. I will update this article, when I get more information.

Now lets get into paid software list. I will just list down the softwares and advice you to check out more details from their product page since I am writing this article to list down the available softwaress only.

After using all the softwares, I will write another article on the best software to use for printing lenticular images.

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