Greater than or equal to, less than or equal to symbols in drawing notes

There are two ways to get Greater than or equal to, less than or equal to symbols inside notes. I take the text type “Symbol” to explain this topic since it is available in proe by default. You can try other fonts too but it will cost you some more time.

Here are the methods:

  1. Copy paste the symbol from the Microsoft character map.
  2. Type the corresponding “Alt codes”.

In both ways you need to do some extra work. Let me explain that.


Method 1:

Open the Microsoft character map. To do that, press “Windows” key and “R” key simultaneously and then type “charmap” in the run command window.
Now in the character map window, select “symbol” in the font area at the top. Scroll to the bottom using the side bar and then click on the symbol. Click select and then copy buttons.

Now go to ProE/ Creo and then paste this symbol using “ctrl+v” in notes where you want. In the text area the Greater than or equal to symbol appears like a cubic symbol and less than or equal to symbols appears like a euro symbol (Picture 1). Don’t worry about that. Just go ahead and click OK.

Now reopen the note properties and then break the symbols from the other texts. No problem if you do this in the first shot itself. To do this type {1:text} as shown in picture 2. Here {:} is used to break the text and 1 is the line number. You don’t have to enter the exact line number. Just enter a random number and ProE will reorder that itself. Click OK. The output will look like picture 3.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

You will be now able to select the 3 and £ symbols individually. So select them and go to properties. Go to text style and in the font drop down box select symbol and then click ok. (See picture 4)

Picture 4

That’s it. You will now get the required output.


Instead of copying symbols from character map just type the keys “Alt+0179” for Greater than or equal to symbol and “Alt+156” for less than or equal to symbol.

(I.e. Hold down the Alt key and then press numeric keys 0179)

This will bring you 3 and £ symbols. Now change the font style to symbol using the method explained above.

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That’s all for this topic. I hope this helped you.