Graphical user interface (GUI) selection options

The preselection option is very useful in modeling especially for new users of ProE and Creo. Look at the videos above. The first video shows the feature selection with preselection highlighting ON and the second video shows feature selection with preselection highlighting OFF.

In the first video, you can see that the feature highlights when you move the mouse pointer over. Typically if shows the wire frame view of the feature. This is very useful when you work at small parts and assemblies with not too many features/ components. It is very easy to get a visual idea of the part with this option.

The second video shows the feature selection with preselection highlighting OFF. When you move the mouse pointer over a feature, it wont highlight but if you click on the location the feature, it gets selected. This option is very useful when you deal with huge models with lots of features and assemblies with lots of components.

Let see how is this useful in that way. In huge model/ assembly when you hover the mouse pointer, the system needs to recognize the feature graphics and then highlight it. This takes huge system memory and will reduce the system performance. So when you work with huge parts/assemblies switching preselection option off will help you greatly.

Now let see how to toggle this option on and off. In ProE WF 5 and previous releases, From main menu go to EDIT→SELECT→PREFERENCES. This will open the selection preferences window. (See below)

Preselection highlighting On
Preselection highlighting Off

In Creo, this option is located at File→Options. Then click “selection” from the list on the left side.

You can now change the setting by clicking the checkbox on and off. It is easy to select a feature when it highlights. But when there is no highlightening especially when you have too many features/components and one behind another, the selection becomes difficult. For this we use, “pick from list”.

Pick from list option is used everywhere like part, assembly, drawing etc. whether you have preselection highlighting on or off. But there is a special short cut while using preselection highlighting OFF.

Simply right click and then left click on a feature location. You will get the pick from list box. See the videos below.

Preselection highlighting On

You can open pick from list box by simply selecting pick from list option on the right click.

Right click and left click to open pick from list will not work with this setting.

Note: In videos, Blue circle is right click and red circle is left click

Preselection highlighting Off

You can open pick from list box simply by a right click and left click.

On the right click you will get pick and query options. If you select query, just a left click will open the pick from list box.

The methods explained here are same for all ProE and Creo versions. This works in the same manner on part models, Assemblies and drawings etc.

That’s all for this topic. I hope this helped you.