Find Weak Dimensions in A Part

Many company standards restricts the presence of weak dimensions in any of its models. Weak dimensions tend to change itself relative to other dimensions/constrains. This change may cause regeneration failure or any unwanted changes in the shape of the part.

Many users model the parts without weak dimensions. But sometimes we may forgot to see the weak dimensions especially when it comes to big sketches.

So to avoid this we have an option to see if there is any weak dimensions in a part. After getting this information, we may reedit those dimensions to be strong.

To check the weak dimensions, open the model and see the program of the part. To do that, in Pro E WF 5.0 and previous versions, go to TOOLS → PROGRAM from the main menu at the top. In Creo, open the TOOLS tab and expand the MODEL INTENT and then click on the PROGRAM option. (See the image below).You can also search the command “program” in the command search bar on the upper right corner.

This will open up a new floating menu manager (shown on left). Click on the the Edit Design in the menu and this will show the actual program of the whole model in a text editor (See below). Press CTRL+F or go to edit→find in the text editor. Then search for term “weak”. This will highlight the weak dimensions in the model.

Note down the dimension id of the weak dimension and close the program. Note: Be sure that you are searching the right direction “Up or down”.. You will be prompted to save the changes made in the text editor.

Now edit the dimension if you know it or find the dimension using the id and make it strong or edit it to a suitable value.

That’s all for this topic. I hope this helped you.