Drawing setup file and Drawing properties

Config.pro is a configuration file which controls the behavior of the Creo/ Pro-E as a whole. In other words, this file is the master control file.

There is a specific file that controls the behavior of the drawings alone. It is called a Drawing Setup File, and has a .dtl extension.

It controls typically the text height, text thickness, cross section arrow length, thread standard, arrow style, tolerance display style etc. in a drawing.

Modifying Drawing properties:

There are two ways to modify the drawing properties. You can edit drawing setup file (.dtl file – Can be opened with any text editor like notepad) from the file location itself. The other one is, you can change it directly using “drawing options” from the drawing  itself.
To open the drawing options directly from drawing, do the following steps. In Pro Engineer WF 4.0 and earlier,

Method 1: Right click and hold in empty drawing area, click properties from the shortcut menu and click drawing options from menu manager.

Method 2: File→ properties. This brings up the menu manger.

Opening drawing options in Pro E WF4.0 and previous versions

You can now select the option you want and then change it to suit your requirements.

In Pro Engineer WF 5.0, you can open the drawing options from the menu File→ drawing options.

Opening drawing options in Pro E WF5.0

To open the drawing options in Creo, do the following. Go to File→ Prepare → drawing properties and then click on change in the detail options at the bottom. The other method is, on the top right corner click on the search button. (shown in the first picture below).

Then start typing “detail options” in the search bar. While you type, the drop down list shows all relevant commands.

Click the “detail options” from the list. That’s it. You will get the drawing option window. You can have a shortcut button for this using “customize ribbon” option if you want.

You can now select the option you want and then change it to suit your requirements. If you want these settings to be used in future, just save the modified settings to a location using the “save” button is the options window. This will create a .dtl file. You can then retrieve it later.

To modify the drawing options by directly editing the .dtl file, follow these steps.

By default the .dtl file exists in three possible locations.

1. The current working directory.
2. The start-in directory.
3. A custom location anywhere on the disk or network defined by admin.

Search for the file in these locations. If you find it, edit it using notepad and save it. If you don’t find it, Create a new one and save the drawing options to a suitable location from the drawing using the method I explained above.

You can at any time retrieve this .dtl file to a drawing from the drawing options window. From drawing options window, click “open” button and then select the .dtl file to retrieve it.

That’s all for this topic. I hope this helped you.