List of Contents – ProE / Creo

Hatching using draft entities

Fill using draft entities

Drawing setup file and Drawing properties

Changing the projection type in drawing

Superscript and subscript in notes

Inserting symbols into notes

Involute curve for gears

Changing detailed view hatch spacing

Graphical user interface (GUI) preselection highlighting options

Greater than or equal to, less than or equal to symbols in drawing notes

Aligning/ moving views in drawings

Notes inside rectangle/box – default option

About spin center

Deleting old versions from database/folder

Preview models and drawings

Modifying drawing options

Alt codes for math symbols

Find weak dimensions in a part

See basic change history of part, assembly or a drawing. (No PLM/ PDM)

Corner intersection dimensioning

Overwriting drawing dimensions

Diameter dimension – Display as linear/ straight

Tolerance setup- Hole and shaft tolerances

How to model spur gear in CAD

Using saved sections/drawings in sketcher

Break crosshatching to display notes

Converting views into draft entities

How to model spur gear in ProE (Diametral pitch) using relations

Scaling the whole model

Controlling colors using family table

How to model helical gear (Module) using relations and formulas

Drawing options (.DTL file/ command explanations)

Bringing more text and font types into proe/ creo

List of mechanical CAD softwares (Commercial and Free)

Difference between flat wall and flanged wall – Sheetmetal

Pro E / Creo options and explanations

Making 2D orientation default for sketching in Creo