Corner intersection dimensioning

It is more common in engineering drawings to show dimensions to the intersection points of a radius. Unfortunately till ProE wildfire 5.0, PTC didn’t have a dedicated option to make dimensions like this. But there is a workaround. Let’s see how do do this.

The undesired way is to create a cosmetic sketch and then show it in the drawing or create a local non referenced draft entity. I have seen some drawings like this in the past in company drawings. Keep this as a last option and when it is necessary.

The preferable way is using drawing sketch options. In Creo and Wildfire 5.0, Create dimensions to the intersection point like the ones shown below and go the properties of any dimension referring the intersection. You will see “Enable intersection witness lines” in the display tab of the dimensions properties window. Just check the box in and click ok. That’s it the corner witness line is shown now.

“Witness_Line_Intersection” is a drawing file option (.dtl file option) that enables intersection witness lines for newly created dimensions. This works with wildfire 5.0 ad Creo. You don’t have to follow other methods if this option is set to yes. ProE automatically creates intersection witness lines for all newly created dimensions that has an intersection as reference.

The corner witness lines show up only for the dimensions created using the intersection points of the lines. This option won’t work for edge to edge dimensions whether its shown or created. Also as far as I have checked it only works for created dimensions (locally created in drawing).

Let’s see how to do this in Wildfire 4.0 and previous versions. You need to create local radius draft entity to do this. Before that make sure that the parametric sketching mode is on. To do that go to Sketch → Sketcher preferences in the drawing main menu and check parametric sketching (see picture below) or simply click the shortcut icon. Now look at the video.

This fillet option works for all Creo and ProE versions. You can double click that draft entity to select new options.

That’s all for this topic. I hope this helped you.