Converting views into draft entities

Converting views into draft entities in Proe and Creo is simple. This option is very useful when you want copy a whole view into a sketcher or into a symbol.


ProE WF4.0 and previous versions: First select the view you want to explode, then go to Edit→ Convert to draft entities from the main menu.

ProE WF5.0: Under Layout tab Model Views section, expand the arrow and select Convert to draft entities.

Creo Elements: Under Layout tab Edit section, expand the arrow and select Convert to draft entities.

ProE WF4.0 and previous versions
ProE WF5.0
Creo Elements
Menu manager

This will open a menu manager. Select This view if you want to convert the selected view and All view if you want to convert all the views in the drawing.

A confirmation window will appear now. Just select OK.

If the view you selected is the parent of any other view, then those views (Children) will also be converted to draft entities. You will get another confirmation windows for this type (See below). Select ok if you want to continue.

If you do not want those views to be converted then break the parent child relationship. You can do that by changing the view type to general in the properties window of the child view.

Note: Dimensions, notes, texts and symbols do not convert to draft entities.

If you want to convert everything in a view including dimensions etc. to draft entities and use them somewhere like sketcher, symbols etc., crate a dxf or dwg of the drawing and bring the portion you want into proe drawing using that dxf. See Using saved sections/drawings in sketcher.

That’s all for this topic. I hope this helped you.