Changing the projection type in drawing

You need to edit drawing setup file (.dtl file) to change the projection type in a drawing. Also you can change it directly using “drawing options” from Pro E drawing itself.

The command or syntax to change the projection type is “projection_type”.

Here, I will show you how to change the projections type directly using “drawing options” from drawing itself. First, open the drawing options window from the drawing you work. See Drawing setup file and Drawing properties to do that.

Then start typing “projection_type” in the option input field (marked with red thick box the picture above). As you type, the system shows all relevant commands. When you see “projection type” press enter (See picture below). If you don’t see, type it fully. You can also select the option directly from the list using mouse. Now on the value box, click the drop down arrow to select the type of projection you want.

At any time, you can change the value again to the previous one by following the same method. You can save the changes to a .dtl file using the “save button”.

You can also change the projection type by editing the .dtl file then save it. Whenever you retrieve this .dtl file, you will get the projection type mentioned in it. See Drawing setup file and Drawing properties.

Note that the existing views will not be changed by this setting. Only views that are created after this “options change” will have the effect.

That’s all for this topic. I hope this helped you.