Changing detailed view hatch spacing

Note: The following method is same for all ProE versions and Creo versions.

The hatching in the detailed view depends on the parent view by default. You cannot change the spacing or style of the detailed view hatching in this setting without changing it in the parent view.

Below, I’ve taken an example to explain this topic.

Normally when you create a detailed view and scale it, the hatching in the detailed view also scales. Look at the first image below. The cross section hatching looks ok in the parent view but in the detailed view the spacing is very high. To reduce this spacing in the detailed view, modify it in the parent view.

To do this, just open the hatch properties of the parent view by double clicking the hatch and then reduce the hatch spacing. It will look like the second image.

But sometimes you would want different hatch spacing for parent view and detailed view separately. To do this, go to the hatch properties of the detailed view by double clicking the hatch. You will see a menu manager like the one shown below on the left side. You can see that many options are grayed out. This is because the hatch is controllable through the parent view only. To break this relation, click on the Det Indep from the menu manager. Now the options are activated. (Picture shown on right).

You can now change the spacing, style etc. like you do for a normal hatching. The relation between the parent view hatching and detail view hatching is now broken and are independent. Below are some examples for this.

That’s all for this topic. I hope this helped you..