Making 2D orientation default for sketching in Creo

In ProE versions when you go inside sketcher directly or through any other feature, it first opens the sketch setup window and asks you to select the sketching plane and its orientation. When you are done with the selection it takes you inside sketcher with the specified 2D orientation.

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Difference between flat wall and flanged wall – Sheetmetal (ProE/ Creo)

Here is the basic explanation for the two sheet metal options.

Flat Wall → Gives you control over the profile of the wall.

Flange wall → Gives you control over the cross section of the wall.

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Changing the projection type in drawing

You need to edit drawing setup file (.dtl file) to change the projection type in a drawing. Also you can change it directly using “drawing options” from Pro E drawing itself. The command or syntax to change the projection type is “projection_type”.

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Find Weak Dimensions in A Part

To check the weak dimensions, open the model and see the program of the part. To do that, in Pro E WF 5.0 and previous versions, go to TOOLS → PROGRAM from the main menu at the top. In Creo, open the TOOLS tab and expand the MODEL INTENT and then click on the PROGRAM option. (See the image below).You can also search the command “program” in the command search bar on the upper right corner.

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How to model spur gear in ProE (Diametral pitch)

This topic explains how to model a spur gear in Pro engineer and Creo without gear relations except for the involute curve.

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