Complete List: Chinese Electric Car Manufacturers

What comes to your mind when you first think of China. Low cost products? Old and cheap technologies or workforce? Well, you might have to change your perception then. China is rapidly evolving in new technologies and in implementing new ideas and it includes electrical cars and autonomous cars.

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Where are Hyundai Cars Made – Full List of Hyundai manufacturing plants

Do you want to know Where are Hyundai Cars Made. Well, Here is the complete list of Hyundai manufacturing plants. All models manufactured in these plants along with the factory address and websites details are provided here.

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Automobile Italian – Italian Car Brands and Italian Car Companies

Eight widely known major Italian carmakers are there.

Even tough there are different car manufactures in Italy, the surprising fact is that the parent entity of five carmakers out of eight is one company called Stellantis.

Details of these 8 carmakers are below.

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Where are TESLA cars made – Complete list of TESLA manufacturing locations

Even though Tesla has 5 operational factories, Tesla electric cars are currently made in 3 locations as on 2021. One location in USA another one is China and the last one is Netherlands.

As on 2021, There are 3 operational gigafactories, 2 in USA and one in China. 2 more gigafactories, one in USA and one in Germany are planned for future operations.

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