Involute curve for gears

Involute curve also known as evolvent curve is a kind of differential curve. In mechanical engineering this curve is used a lot in gear design. This curve is used to get the gear tooth profile and when two gears of this profile mesh, the instantaneous contact point is only one and it moves along the curve profile. This property is known as line of action or line of Contact or pressure Line and this is why it is used extensively in gear design.

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Deleting old versions from database/folder

ProE/ Creo creates versioned files every time you save a part, drawing, assembly, etc. That means if you save a part 10 times you can see 10 part versions in the folder it is saved.

To delete old versions of any part, drawing or assembly alone, just open it in the ProE/ Creo and then open the file menu from the main menu (See the picture below). You can see an option called delete. If you expand this you will see two options.

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Electromagnetic radiation and light

Light is a electromagnetic radiation. It travels in wave form with infinite number of energy pockets called “photons”. As we all know, a wave form has amplitude, frequency and wave length as its main parameters.

The speed of all electromagnetic radiation or EM waves in vacuum is 299,792,458 meters per second. So no matter what the parameters are, if waves start from a point at a time, they will reach the other point at the same time.

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