Aligning and moving views in drawings

We make engineering drawings using orthographic projections. Projection views are always aligned in ProE/ Creo drawing. That means you can not move a projection view away from the projection lines however you can move the view along the projection lines back and forth or up and down depending upon the projection.

New peoples to ProE often complains that they can not move the view where they want in the drawing sheet especially when it comes to auxiliary views.

Any view can be aligned with or freed from other view irrespective of the view type. You just have to change the setting in view properties under alignment option..

Alignment options in view properties
Aligning and realigning projection and auxiliary views

Watch the video completely. This video shows aligning and realigning, freeing projection and auxiliary views with other views.

When you crate a projection or auxiliary view the view aligns with the parent view by default. Once you change the setting shown in the video, you can move the view freely.

Note that when you realign the projection or auxiliary view, the system takes the parent view from the memory by default. If you want to align the view with any other view, you must change the view type from projection to general (see the picture below) and then follow the regular procedure.

If you want to align a general view with other view just follow the instructions given above and when you select the check box you will be promoted to select the parent view. Just go ahead and select the parent view. That’s it.

That’s all for this topic. I hope this helped you.