First Angle Projection Symbol – What is it – How to remember

Here is an easy way to understand first angle projection. Imagine an observer looking at the car using binocular that is moving towards him. This single image is what I imagine to remember the symbol correctly. You will understand why I chose a moving car instead of any stationary object while reading the article Third Angle Projection Symbol – What is it – How to remember.

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Third Angle Projection Symbol – What is it – How to remember

In this article, we will mainly see what is the symbol for third angle projection of and how to remember it easily. Before that, please read the article “First Angle Projection Symbol – What is it – How to remember”. I will list down some important points to remember as well.

In technical drawings, orthographic two dimensional views are drawn at right angles to represent three dimensional objects. These views are drawn mainly using two schemes. One is the first angle projection and the other one is the third angle projection. The third angle projection is mostly used in America, Japan, and Australia while the rest of the world uses first angle projection scheme.

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Autocad 2D Mechanical Drawings

When it comes to 2D drawing software, the first thing that comes in our mind is AutoCAD. AutoCAD played an important role in popularising computer-aided design (CAD). Till today, when it comes to 2D drafting and architecture planning, AutoCAD holds the top position in the industry.

Use the snap feature to attach the entities properly.
If you are drawing a large part, you can enable the grid option.
Create BLOCKS for frequently used shapes.
If you are designing a sheetmetal part like the one on this page, you can use coordinate dimensioning instead of linear dimensioning.
Create your custom one letter shortcuts for frequently used commands.

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Autocad 3D Mechanical Drawings

When it comes to 3D CAD modelling, Autodesk has a separate 3D CAD modelling and detailing software called Inventor. Autodesk inventor competes directly with other major 3D CAD modelling software such as Creo by PTC, Catia by Dassault Systèmes.

AutoCAD still has 3D CAD modelling options in fact a separate module dedicated for 3D modelling. Most of the FREE mechanical drawings in this website are designed for beginners and you can easily model them in AutoCAD 3D.

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Technical Drawings For Beginners

A technical drawing is a very basic entity of design and development. You can find hundreds of mechanical technical drawings on this website and download them for free to practice and become a professional.

The era of manual drawings was over 2 decades ago when computers came into the industry. Even though we use computers for creating 2D drawings and 3D CAD models, it is important for engineers to know the basics. The first step of any design is imagination. These 2D drawings will help you gain knowledge of product visualization and improve your skills in designing a product.

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Solidworks 3D Drawing For Practice

This page contains the parts pipes, beam, channel, sheet metal, and support blocks. There are 2D and 3D drawings and models available for pratice.​

While trying to model and draw in any 3D CAD modelling software, try to use different features instead of using the same feature/ command again and again. For example, Use a hole command instead of using a extrude cut or removing material using a normal sketch. Solidworks is one of the best when it comes to easy UI design which enables us to know the various features available and make use of it.

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Mechanical Engineering Drawings For Practice

You can download 48 2D drawings and 3D model based definitions in PDF format on this website. Each page contains 4 free models and drawings. All these are mechanical parts and you can use them to practice.

An isometric view of the 3D model is always placed on the upper right corner to facilitate easy understanding of the 2D views. Of course, all these will be unnecessary when the industry fully moves to the model based definition in the future. We have many legacy components and information/drawings that still follow 2D drawings.

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Mechanical Engineering Blueprints

Tips to Model the parts on this page:

1. Always use the chamfer feature instead of revolve cut.
2. When features are connecting to each other, always use surfaces to define the limit instead of a definites length or the value. This will help you while redesigning the part in the future.
3. As a learner, do try to visualize the parts using just 2D views. This will help you develop the thought process and will make it easier to understand all kinds of models and drawings.
4. Do not model, fillets/rounds in the sketcher itself. Always use a separate round feature.

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