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Bringing more Text and font types into ProE/ Creo

ProE/ Creo has some default font types in part and drawing modes. These font types are good to go when you just type notes in drawings or you just want to have a text in place not bothering about the type of font or style. But when your design has a focus on the text style these default font types wont help you. There are many stylish font types available in windows and also on the Internet. You can use these fonts in your design if you want to and ProE gives an easy option to do that.


First let me list out the default font types that are available in ProE / Creo:











iso font



ttf_ font


Blueprint MT

Blueprint MT Bold

CG Century Schbk

CG Century Schbk Bold

CG Century Schbk Bold Italic

CG Century Schbk

CG Omega

CG Omega Bold

CG Omega Bold Italic

CG Omega Italic

CG Times

CG Times Bold

CG Times Bold italic

CG Times italic

CG Triumvirate

CG Triumvirate Bold

CG Triumvirate Bold italic

CG Triumvirate Italic

Garamond Antigua

Garamond Halbfett

Garamond Kursiv

Garamond Kursiv Halbfett

Garth Graphic

Garth Graphic Black Garth

Graphic Bold italic Garth

Graphic Italic

Grotesque MT

Grotesque MT Bold

Microstyle Extended

Microstyle Extended Bold

Neographik MT



Shannon Bold

Shannon Extra Bold

Shannon Extra Bold

Shannon Oblique

Spartan Four MT

Spartan One Two MT

Spartan One Two MT Bold


Univers OTS

Univers OTS Bold


Now let me show you how you can use windows default font types… There are three possible ways you can direct ProE/Creo to use the fonts. Let’s see one by one.


1) Open windows fonts folder by pressing Windows+R keys and then by typing FONTS in the run window. Now in the fonts folder, press CTRL+A and CTRL+C to select all and copy all. Next, create a new folder somewhere in your hard drive and paste all the fonts that you copied. Now in ProE, open “options” (Configuration editor) and then give the full path of the folder you just created in the pro_font_dir command.


2) Simply give the windows default font directory path (C:\Windows\Fonts) in pro_font_dir option.


3) Copy all the fonts from windows font directory as explained in 1st method and paste them in the ProE ‘s default font directory which is ProE/ Creo installed directory “\text\fonts”..


Note: You may have to reopen the part or drawing to apply these settings. If you use the first two methods, you will have to change the setting every time or you have to run the in which you applied these settings.


Make sure that you have enough space in the program folder if you follow the method 3. ProE/ Creo may take some more time than the usual in these settings when you use fonts in part /drawing since it needs to load all the fonts.


You may have to change the part accuracy sometimes if you get regeneration error when you use some specific font types.


And that’s it! You can use a whole lot of fonts now….

That's all for this topic. I hope this helped you.

ProE/ Creo default fonts

RUN command window

Configuration Editor

More fonts in ProE/Creo